Program Report

Presented by Governor-Elect, Grace Boswell

Please follow this script as you go through the presentation.

Slide 1: Welcome

My name is Grace Boswell, your SCR Governor-Elect.

Slide 2: Reflection Time

Let’s start today’s presentation with a question! I’m going to ask you a question on the next slide, give you some time to think about your answer, and then you’ll turn to the person next to you and each share your thoughts. We will be timing this to stay on schedule so you’ll each have 30 seconds to share your thoughts with each other.

Slide 3: Think/Pair/Share

Are the Live Your Dream Awards and Dream It, Be It community service? Take about 20 seconds to think about this.

Slide 4: Dream Programs & Community Service

We know members love serving in their local community, and sometimes are concerned that the Dream Programs take away from that.

But the Dream Programs are a way to serve your community!  There are many hands-on service opportunities in your community that are part of the Dream Programs.

Slide 5: More Than an Award

The Live Your Dream Award, on its own, is an opportunity to make a real transformation in the life of a local woman and her family, and to go beyond the award with additional support activities. The Award is far more than just financial assistance—it is a relationship.

Each Live Your Dream Award given by your club makes a direct impact in your community by helping a woman further her education and improve her family’s standard of living. We know from our past recipients that while the funding is very important, the feeling of being supported by a community of women also has a large impact. Additionally, we know many Live Your Dream Award  recipients go into “helping professions,” like social work, nursing, or teaching, so your club’s service has a ripple effect and helps more people than we know!

Slide 6: Serving Girls in Your Community

Dream It, Be It provides opportunities to develop the skills of girls in your community so that that they can navigate life’s obstacles with success. Your service in leading sessions or supporting another club’s project ensures that girls in your town feel more confident about their future choices and live their dreams. You can see the impact that you’re having with Dream It, Be It on the next generation very clearly!

Slide 7: Dream Programs & Community Service

By serving your community through the Dream Programs, you are not only impacting the women and girls of your town or neighborhood, but also naturally developing the connections and public awareness that will make your club more effective.

This community service will help you: •build trust with other community organizations and their staff, as well as individuals •Receive more applications for Live Your Dream Awards and more participants for Dream It, Be It because people know who Soroptimist is and they trust that organization •strengthen connections with Dream Program participants •help promote your club’s work •offer opportunities for more club members to get involved in extended service options to support the program

Slide 8: Live Your Dream: Beyond the Award

The Live Your Dream Award itself and the support that the club offers to the recipient are a great way to support women in your local community and their families. The award itself and the relationships that your club is building are a form of service!

There are additional support opportunities that your club can provide in your local community to Live Your Dream Award-eligible women, both before and beyond the award. This is also a great way to involve more club members in the program!   •Offering application workshops and distributing gift cards to attendees •Giving out gift cards to all applicants to encourage them to keep trying even though they didn’t receive the award •Offering ongoing job search support to Live Your Dream Award recipients •Offering additional financial support opportunities for Live Your Dream Award recipients  •Assisting past Live Your Dream Award recipients with childcare needs. •Connecting with community colleges or organizations and helping to stock their food pantries that are likely to be used by Live Your Dream Award  eligible women •Holding a school supplies or winter gear drive for past Live Your Dream Award  recipients and their children

Slide 9: Dream It, Be It

Dream It, Be It itself is a substantial form of direct service in your community! Soroptimists delivering the curriculum to girls and working with them on their skills truly improves the local community and is very hands-on!

Dream It, Be It also offers many opportunities for extended direct service opportunities: •Talk to school or organization working with girls and ask what’s helpful to do a drive for (suggestions could be gift cards for girls for specific items, a winter clothing drive, school supplies, school uniform pieces, hygiene items) •Helping Dream It, Be It girls with applying for higher education •Helping through a scholarship to pay college application or standardized test fees for Dream It, Be It Girls

Slide 10: Stronger Programs, Powerful Impact

You’re building relationships and trust, which strengthens the Dream Programs for the future!

People in your community will know exactly who your club does to make the community stronger.

As you raise your profile through these impactful and award-winning programs, you’ll attract more new members, partners, and funds for your work.

This publicity can allow the programs to grow as well: as you get more Live Your Dream Award applications because you’re better known, you can distribute more awards! As your club becomes more well-known for Dream It, Be It, more partners and families will send their girls to the program and you’ll have an even bigger impact!

Slide 11: Discussion/Think About Questions

As we wrap up, here are some questions to consider and to take back to your clubs to discuss:

How are we serving our local community through the Dream Programs?

What additional service opportunities can we add to strengthen our Dream Programs?

Slide 12: Local and Global Impact

We have heard from clubs that they feel like Soroptimist is the “best kept secret.”  

By continuing to expand your local profile through the Dream Programs, you are not only building trust, respect, and public awareness about Soroptimist–you are also increasing impact and serving your own community.

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