Public Awareness Report

Presented by Chair, Laurel Bruening

Please follow this script as you go through the presentation.

Slide 1: Welcome!


I am Laurel Bruening, your region public awareness chair. It is a pleasure to speak with you today about how we can turn some of the challenges SIA has with increasing it’s brand recognition into successes. Though there are obstacles, there are small things clubs can do to overcome them and help increase SIA’s recognition.

Slide 2: Greater Brand Recognition

When clubs and members are asked what they want most when it comes to Soroptimist, the answer is often: More members! Greater recognition!

That would certainly help our organization succeed at all levels. Public awareness enables us to increase our impact through our programs, fundraise and gain members.

Slide 3: Current Obstacles

However, there are obstacles that contribute to increasing our recognition.

  • Soroptimist is a difficult name.
  • Our brand promise as a leading organization helping women and girls achieve economic. empowerment through our Dream Programs is not always at the forefront of club activities.
  • We have an inconsistent visual identity.

Slide 4: Current Obstacles (2)

  • Confusion exists around the different levels of Soroptimist’s structure between clubs, regions, the federation and SI.
  • We are a relatively small organization.
  • It is difficult to get attention in an extremely crowded media market (both traditional and digital).

Slide 5: Positives

But on the flipside, many factors work in our favor.

  • We’ve been around nearly 100 years! In 2021 we will celebrate our 100th anniversary. That is a major accomplishment—one to be proud of.
  • While Soroptimist is a difficult name and our overall global recognition is not where we’d like it to be—many of our clubs throughout SIA’s 21 countries and territories have strong name recognition in their local communities, and are known for their work to empower women and girls. That includes many of the clubs in this room.

Slide 6: Positives (2)

Though we are a relatively small organization, SIA has thousands of dedicated members who are committed to our mission. Last year, alone, we helped 1,655 women through the Live Your Dream Awards and 20,866 girls through Dream It, Be It. We also gave more than $3.2 million in support of our Dream Programs through SIA and our clubs. Our impact is astounding and definitely worth promoting!

Slide 7: Positives (3)

Even though it is difficult to break into an extremely crowded media market—especially a large media market—as Soroptimists we have one of the best publicity tools at our disposal—word-of-mouth. Members are great at talking about how much they love being Soroptimists, and all the wonderful impact we are achieving as we help women and girls to become economically empowered.

Slide 8: Steps to Create a Successful Brand

With a little bit of effort, we can all work together to build our global recognition and create a successful brand. Here’s how:

  • Be consistent with our visual identity, including our logo, colors, banners and flags. To build a strong brand the image we put forth should be the same at all levels of the organization. Whether you’re building a website, displaying a banner at a community or event or donning Soroptimist shirts with the logo, please use the resources and guidelines SIA has provided on the Recognition & Branding page of the website.
  • Deliver and promote our branding-unifying Dream Programs. Our mission is to provide women and girls with access to the education and training they need to achieve economic empowerment. The Live Your Dream Awards and Dream It, Be It is how we do that. It is important to be who we say we are and do what we say we do if we want to be known for the impact of our work. Promoting these programs helps extend our reach by attracting more members and Dream Program applicants; appealing to those who wish to make an impact by donating to a good cause; and making ourselves known to the greater public. All of these activities help increase our global recognition.
  • Be a solid club that delivers an exemplary member experience. When you join a Soroptimist club, you join a group of local women who want to help the women and girls in your community thrive, gain education opportunities, mentorship, and ultimately unlock their economic empowerment. Creating an atmosphere that is fun and meaningful for members ensures a strong membership and gives us the power to help more women and girls. This in turn leads to growth in membership.

Slide 9: Work Together and Consistently

Working collectively and consistently we can further our mission, grow our impact and increase our global recognition.

Think about how much you love Soroptimist and how important it is for our work to continue for at least another 100 years. We have wonderful programs in place to help women and girls.

However, we need the brand recognition to continue to grow our membership and funding in order to support even more women and girls through our programs. 

Slide 10: SIA Resources on

SIA provides resources to support club and region publicity efforts, as well as tools to enhance the member experience.

Slide 11: Questions??

If you have any questions please contact me, your Region Public Awareness Chair, at I am more than happy to help! Or, you may contact headquarters at

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