Welcome to the 94th Annual SCR Conference

Governor Jennifer Reeves Welcomes You!

94th Annual Conference

Welcome to the 94th Annual SCR Conference. Below you will find reports from our Committee Chairs, District Directors, Board Members, and our Federation Report. The awards will be announced and we will have a remembrance for those Soroptimist members who are no longer with us. Finally, the items that are up for a vote will be presented below.

We ask that you read through everything throughly and if there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out. Enjoy!


District I

Director: Leigh Hedgpeth

District III

Director: Teresa Young

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer: Kathy Newsom

District II

Director: Terri Falis-Cochran

93rd SCR Conference Minutes

Secretary: Angel Standish

2020-2022 SCR Proposed Budget

Brenda Rowan

Region / federation Reports


Former Governor: Cindy Lindley

Public Awareness

Chair: Laurel Bruening

Federation Report

SIA Board of Director: Pat McCay


Governor-Elect: Grace Boswell


Chair: Paula Kerns

Governor’s Report

Governor: Jennifer Reeves


Live Your Dream

Chair: Amanda Mitchell

Maxine Pease Membership & Growth Award

Former Governor: Cindy Lindley

Soroptimists Celebrating Success

Chair: Lynette Benge

Norma Caldwell Communicate & Grow Award

Former Governor: Jacqueline Bond

Lucy Keller Dreams in Action Awards

Secretary: Angel Standish

Best Woman of the Year Award

Governor: Jennifer Reeves


Greeting Letter from President Tina

President: Tina Wei-Kang Pan

Greeting Letter from ED & CEO Liz

ED & CEO: Elizabeth M. Lucas


Remembrance Presentation

Former Governor: Jacqueline Bond


For those who are delegates during this conference. Please take a few moments to look through the items you will be voting on by clicking the button. Links will be sent to delegates.

Having issues?? Email Laurel Bruening for assistance.

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